>Are you spending your day in a holy manner?

>1) Are you sleeping too much?
Measure the time of your sleep appropriately so that you do not waist your precious morning hours sluggishly in your bed. Let the time of your sleep be match to your health and labor and not to slothful pleasure.

2) Let God have your first awaking thoughts.
Lift up of your hearts to him reverently and thankful for the rest, enjoy the night before and cast yourself upon him for the day which follow. Familiarize yourself so consistently to this that your conscience may check you in common thoughts shall first intrude. Think of the mercy of the night rest and how many just spent the night in hell. How many in prison, how many in cold heart lodgings, how many sick, how many suffering from agonizing pain and sickness. Think on how many souls were that night called out from their bodies terrifyingly to appear before God and how quick the days and nights are rolling on. How speedily your last day or night will come. Are you ready?

3) Spending the day in a holy manner includes prayer.
Let prayer by yourself alone take place before the collective prayer of the family. If possible let it be first before any work of the day. If you do not have a schedule for your life were you have set up a way to read your bible and pray, GET A PLAN! AND PROTECT IT! AND DEFEND IT! Quiet time to reading your bible and praying. Don’t let anything rip you off course.

4) Family Worship.
Let family worship be perform consistently and in a time when it’s most likely for the family to be free of interruptions.

5) Meditation.
When alone in your occupations improve the time in practical and beneficial meditations. Think about the goodness and perfections of God. For example, Why are we here? What is our purpose? Remember, the whole point is to glorify God. When you wakeup, instead of slugging to another day like “GRRRRR of the work I go, or GRRRRRR with the chores, or GGGGRRRR with the school, or GRRRRR with cleaning or GRRRRR with life, you need to realize there is a bigger thing going on. Our job assignment is to glorify him and once we get that, once we think about that, it is the highest honor and it the highest duty and the most delightful task. Then, when somebody tells you “meditate on God’s goodness, the perfections of God, Christ and redemption, heaven and hell and how worthy you are to go in there, how you deserve eternal misery and hell and what Jesus did on the cross.” It so, that you can be strengthen for the battle of glorifying him, redeeming the time not loosing track of it and wasting your money on worthless recreation or junky TV or idol talk or unprofitable company and sleeping all the time when it should be redeem to glorify God because THAT IS YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!

6) Be more careful to escape that person, action or course of life that will rob you of your time than you will be to escape thieves and robbers. TIME, redeem it by using it. Make sure that you are not merely neveridol but rather that you are using it. Make sure that you are using your time in the most profitable way that you can and not to prefer a less profitable way before one of greater profit.

7) Eating and drinking with moderation and thankfulness for help not for fun. Have you ever let yourself get hungry enough were you are not just “cliché” starving were you can eat a horse, but in a position were if you don’t eat you might get light headache and pass out? Then when you eat food you pray something differently. Instead of “Lord, thank you for letting me enjoy this morsel” It is: “Lord, thank you for providing this take it, use those chemicals and all that stuff that you do inside my body so that I can have the energy, so that I can serve you”. It just gives food a different perspective and it doesn’t mean that it can never be enjoyed. There are festivals and celebrations we can be that puritanical. That food can be a delight and I think in heaven is going to be amazing but done right. We can enjoy it for celebrations and for thanking God for his goodness. But is more profound when is not just constant, constant. When is not too much, but enough so that I got enough energy to glorify him. There is a big difference. Remember the sin of Sodom: Ezekiel 16:49. “Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food and abundance of idleness”. Yeap! There was more than homosexuality although that was the predominant one. The apostle Paul weep when he mention in Philippians 3:18-19 “Those whose end is destruction, who’s god is their belly, and who’s glory is in their shame- who set their minds on earthly things being enemies to the cross of Christ”.

When you close the day, if you want to spend it profitably, if you want to spend it well, before you go to sleep, review your actions and the mercies of the day pass, to be thankful for his mercies and humble by your sins in the cross so that you might renew your mind as well as your resolve for obedience. To examine yourself every day. To see how you are doing. If sincerely adhere too, these will be conducted to the holiness, fruitfulness and quietness of your life and add to you a comfortable and peaceful death. So, Christian: You got a King that you get to serve. Is your dang under control or are you just getting pissed or whipped by the thing?? And if you are thinking, I live out of the far, I can’t do anything big for God, I’m just a Kid, and I can’t do anything big for God. YOU ARE SO WRONG!! You can. Redeem the day. Become the master of your time and use it for him as a profitable servant because there is no better value. There is no better use of your time than serving your king.

Todd Friel
Way of the Master Radio
July 2, 2008, Hour 1 Minute 10:36

Credit for Deyka of finding this info. With patience she wrote all the most important things Todd said about this subject. Love you much wiffy.


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