>Paul Washer – Shocking Message (full length)


Have 58 mins and 58 secs? Please separate it today to hear this shocking message. If you believe you are going to heaven and never repented and put your trust in Jesus Christ this message is screamming for your attention. If you are agnostic, atheist, pagan, scientologist, muslim, mormon, or any different acient religion or any brand new religion your welcome to watch it too. You are not different from anyone, we all have a conscious. Something that God put us to know right from wrong. You don’t need to have guts to repent and trust to Jesus, you need to have an open heart to do it. Just watch this video and I hope you understand. An hour of your life it will be insignificant, but it will be the most impacting hour of your life by hearing the message that God have for you. God bless you. If you have any questions please, I will answer you as best as I can. I care about you so much. I had no Jesus in my heart before, I have it now and I want to shear it with you.

Youtube video from: repentandtrustdotorg

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