>Thanking the Lord

>It is a blessing that the Lord is working with my family and giving them the chance to be saved. I thank Him for His mercy to all of us. I used to say “I cannot believe that I converted to be one of those annoying and fanatic Hallelujahs.” That was when I first met Christ. Now I say that I am more than joyful to be one of them and I am so proud to be God’s child, because I know for a fact that He love me and His is righteous. I thought that real Christians were there to judge humanity, I was totally wrong, we are judged already by Him. He wrote His Law in our hearts and by comparing it with what the Bible say it matches perfectly. Why should I destroy my body by drinking or using drugs, that is a slow process of committing suicide. Why blaspheming His holy name, hate others, lie, steal, dishonor my parents, coveting…Why do I want money, lust, cars, evolution, images, earth, etc to be my god? God promised provision and what better provision than salvation. A miracle like no other. Judgment is coming soon and we cannot play like there is no heaven and hell. People don’t want to believe in that because they know for sure that by God’s standard they will be guilty and will end up in hell. They only want to listen what they want, like I used to be. By believing in Buddha, Allah, Yoga, Mother Earth, New Age, Jehovah Witness, or any sect or religion will not change the reality of God, there is a Judgment Day and that day will be very hard for those who thought that God was a fake or for those who professed to be Christians and lived for the world(“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” Mat 7:21). I pray to God for those who need His mercy, for those who won’t accept the truth.

I did not accepted Jesus to be like any Christian celebrity, or to have a lifestyle religion or sect, or just to impress others with changes in my life or believe that I am perfect, or be better than anyone, no, but to have a relation that I never had with anyone. No one in this life can hold death, or can give life. No one can promise anything to anyone and fulfill it. No one can love, have compassion, be righteous and have mercy like Him. No one is good enough, no but one, only God is good.

Please, I beg you to analyze yourself by reading The Commandments and understand the grace of God. We lie, steal, blaspheme His holy name, we are adulterous, etc. That is our nature as sinners, but Jesus paid the price for you and me 2009 years ago on the cross so we don’t have to do it. He ask from us to repent (Turn from our sins) and trust Him (have faith, follow Him), like if you trust in an airplane pilot or a parachute. Read the Bible daily and know this for a fact, God will never fail you, ever.

Don’t think about it, do it quick, maybe the next hour your heart will stop forever. Remember this: 140,000 people die daily around the world.

God bless.

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