>Have you ever felt guilt for any reason? When you say or do what you shouldn’t and feel this dissapoitnment of yourself right in the deepest place of your heart? We know we do wrong and we try to aliviate the action by talking to ourselves, but that makes it worse temporarily. What makes you feel that guilt or what is it that our sense of guilt activates, and how can we make it stop? Well, guilt is not an emotion, it’s our conscious communicating us about something wrong that we say or do. People tend to ignore the wrong action to not feel the guilt. The Word say that “the Devine Law it’s written in our hearts” meanning that we have a High Standard in which we automatically fall into. We cannot ignore the fact that we have a conscious, because it’s there, not evolved from apes, but created by the Law Maker, our God. There are some actions we not do often. We don’t notice when we say or do things which hurts others. We don’t feel that guilt because we do it unconsciously, in ignorance or any other situation that applies to those 2. The way to make guilt go away is by grasping God forgiveness with repentance. We do need to accept our guilt and know that we should be sorry. Then we have to talk with love and kindness to the person we hurt, even if that person refuses to forgive you. Your sense of guilt will instantlly stop and you are free. When that person refuses to forgive you he/she will start the same process of guiltness until that time of forgiving.

If a person dies and you have no way to say I’m sorry to them, then ask God to take away that sense of guilt, because you know you are wrong and a sinner like everybody else and start doing the contrary of your sins. Turn away from darkness and walk to the light, Jesus is the light in the darkness of sin. Repent and put your trust in the Savior. Read the Bible daily and obey what it says. God bless.

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