>The Coming Economic Armageddon, by David Jeremiah

>In The Coming Economic Armageddon, David Jeremiah shows readers the meaning behind the signs in the daily news—and how they can understand and prepare for living in the New Global Economy.

“Could we be standing today on the edge of a recession from which no one economy, no one nation, no one union will be able to extricate the world? The Bible predicts that such an era is coming. Fueled by the world’s economic convulsions, the only answer will seem to be the unification of the nations under one economic system and one world ruler.”

  • Find answers to all the disturbing, dire financial news
  • Did Bible prophecy predict the collapse of the housing market?
  • Are there Biblical clues for recovery?
  • Are these signs of the last days?

Dr. Jeremiah answers all these questions in his new book, The Coming Economic Armageddon.

Request your book today with any donation.

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