>What Facts?


Scientists will talk about all kinds of different speculations (“facts”) about evolution. They can’t find a transitional fossil to show to the public, but their only fact is a theory and a bunch of pages full of drawings. It will always be a debate between creationists and evolutionists to prove what’s right. Only one side have the truth, both cannot be right. I heard once that evolution is the fairy tale for grown ups, and it’s so true. There has been many changes of mind through the years that we just get tired to see the books updating with new data every year and who knows if changes every 6 months, who knows. What I know is that it is not a stable theory, but they keep pushing it as a requirement in schools and universities to bury Christianity in the dirt, at least their trying, but obviously that will never happen.
Here are some interesting articles to give you a sense of direction about reality. You decide to choose reality from fiction. If there was no God then there would be no questions, a brain to think, eyes to see and a creation to contemplate. You be the judge:

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