Voting on Laws this November – Focus on the Family

Dear Friend,

November’s election is fast approaching with many candidates vying for your vote. As you contemplate whom to support, remember that ballot measures impacting life, marriage and religious freedom may also come before you on Nov. 6.

Among the key ballot measures we are watching here at Focus on the Family are those.

  • Defending one-man, one-woman marriage. The definition of marriage is on the ballot in four states—Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington State. Measures in Washington and Maryland attempt to repeal same-sex marriage statutes passed by the legislature. In Maine, voters will be asked to allow same-sex marriage, while in Minnesota a measure would amend the state constitution to only permit one-man, one-woman marriage. To date, all 32 times the question of defining marriage has been on a state ballot, voters have affirmed it as the union of one man and one woman.
  • Legalizing marijuana. Colorado voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana as a “recreational” drug, allowing adults to possess an ounce or less of it without penalty. Centennial State voters rejected a similar measure in 2006. Opponents say the ballot question is the latest push to legalize marijuana across the nation.
  • Physician-assisted suicide. The question of whether doctors can participate in a patient’s suicide is on the ballot in Massachusetts. In Oregon and Washington State—the only two places where this is currently legal—concerns of elder abuse have arisen.
  • Pro-life measures. Voters in Montana will consider a measure to require that parents be notified before their minor daughter has an abortion. In Florida, efforts to ban public funding for abortion and clear the legal path for the enactment of parental-consent and notification laws for minor abortions are on the ballot.
  • Religious freedom. Protection from religious discrimination for churches and religious groups that provide social services, such as adoption agencies, is before voters in the Sunshine State.

For faith and family,In many states, voting in November impacts more than electing representatives for government offices; it’s also an opportunity for citizens to determine their state’s public policy. So join us in encouraging friends, family and fellow church members to carefully consider the ballot measures we will see on Election Day.

Signed: Tom Minnery
Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President, Government & Public Policy

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