Practical Atheism

According to Phil Johnson, atheism is not referred only to those who deny God, but also refers to those who professes to be Christians or to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and does not do what He says. That’s called “Practical Atheism.” (Psalm 14; Romans 3:9-20)

We are all infected with it, however the sacrifice of Christ defends us from such sin. Many people calls themselves followers of Christ, but their condition is entirely contrary to what is professed by their mouth, tatooes, actions, deeds, etc., but deny their reality or condition of their heart. I was a hypocrite who declared to know God until one day I realized how, not that I was, but how wicked and depraved I am. We are all guilty in the eyes of God, “there is none that does good, none but One…and there is none just…none who seek God.” That’s why I do not want to listen prosperity messages or feeling good preaching, because none of those will take care of our condition of the heart, but it worsen to the point of not needing God entirely, because a “good, successful and prosper person” has no need of God, but of their pleasures, decisions, deeds, etc.

But God have compassion and mercy with all of those who turn to Him in obedience. He is a Holy God who deserves all admiration, respect, obedience, reverence, a repented heart, lowly in heart, attention, awe, praise, worship, focus, intention to know Him and love Him, joy by doing His work, etc. So, turm to Him today. Repent of your sins (look at the mirror of the 10 Commandments – Exodus 20) and put your trust in Jesus Christ, and you will be save by His grace.

We do not deserve to go to heaven, it is not a right, but a gift, and God already sent His Son to establish a relationship between you and Him, granting you to eternal life.

Don’t decive yourself by saying that God will save you, when you don’t even want to say good bye to your sins, because its wages will drive you entirely away from Him.

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