Mutation Cannot Produce Better Results

Did HTML language came to exist by a natural-cybernetic-selection?

“Article: ‘The Mechanism of Evolution’, by Francisco Ayala, defines mutation as ‘an error’ in DNA.” G. Parker, Creation: Facts of Life, 99 / (Answers Book 1-AiG).

Information is what holds life. Nothing can exist without information, therefore mutation cannot make things better, and we all know that. Mutation is loss of information in the DNA and cannot be repaired, because in order to self repair that gap, there must be a source to add the information. So, how can evolution answer the question: What and where is the source of that information that holds the key to transform a mud soup to a human in a period of millions of years? The loss will definitly cause deformations or simply will make some changes that causes living things develope to adapt, not to evolve as another kind, but by producing different groups of the same kind. No one has seen a cat producing a dog, or a cow producing a whale, and so on.

Mutation cannot produce information and if it cannot produce information, then evolution will evidently fall into the pit of a creative evil fantasy. With evolution nothing gets better, but its the other way around, life will cease to exist. HTML and DNA hav something in comon, they are languages. Both were created for a purpose, but if mutation takes place, it will cause a great chaos instantly, not in millions of years, and will not prduce a different kind of living thing (DNA), or a different kind of website (HTML). It will be chaos indeed.

In conclusion, the origins of DNA, demands intelligence, in other words, someone with intelligence has to design the code to orchestrate existance. Every living thing has the ability, by command, to grow to a certain limit, to have unique colors and fingerprints, to make everything function constantly, in harmony and organized. It demands a point of origin, because something that deteriorate, most likely, at some point of life, was perfect.

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