Vote your values!

The big day—Nov. 6, 2012—is right around the corner. If you are getting tired of the political advertisements, take heart: Election season is almost over. Don’t grow weary in doing good, and be sure to vote.

Every election is important, and this one is critical on many of the issues we care so deeply about. One indication of the election’s significance is seen in the full-page advertisement Rev. Billy Graham has placed in newspapers across the country in recent weeks. The message is similar to what you hear from us here at Focus on the Family: Vote for candidates who support biblical values, and pray for our nation.

When it comes to values, many opportunities await our elected officials after the election. To learn more about them in detail, watch the latest CitizenLink Report.

On the issue of protecting human life, Congress and many states will have the chance to stop providing tax dollars to Planned Parenthood®—the nation’s largest abortion seller. Each year, this leader in the abortion industry receives hundreds of millions of tax dollars; several states already have acted to cut off that source of funding.

Unprecedented attempts to redefine marriage continue at the state and federal levels. Marriage is on the ballot in four states next week, and you’re probably already aware that the federal government has stopped defending a key law that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman for the purpose of all federal programs.

And threats to religious freedom continue to mount, including a mandate requiring virtually all employers—even religious nonprofit groups—to include contraception and possible abortion-causing drugs in their employee healthcare plans. To date, 38 lawsuits have been filed to challenge this violation of religious liberty.

As you prepare to vote on Tuesday (or earlier, if your state allows), please review the candidates on your ballot through the lens of a Christian worldview on these core social issues. And please continue to join us in praying that we would once again be “a nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).

For faith and family,

Signed: Tom Minnery

Tom Minnery Senior Vice President, Government & Public Policy

Voters have the opportunity to determine whether their state will reflect life, marriage and religious freedom through several key ballot measures on Tuesday.

Watch important video: CitizenLink Report: State of Concern


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