We all are to blame

I do feel impacted by the school shooting. It was one of the most heart breaking stories, I admit.
Still hear and read the same question over and over, the “Why does God allow evil?”, the most annoying question. And I will still question them atheists, “Why do you keep crying out loud to keep God out of schools, colleges and public areas?” Atheists sue Christians for being intolerant, but look, a plank in their own eyes don’t let them see how cruel they are. They believe that removing the Bible and prayer out of schools is the ultimate good deed of a lifetime. IT IS ONLY FOR A SEASON, SEE? THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST THE 10 COMMANDMENTS AND THE GRACE OF THE ALMIGHTY are taking part of disgraces like this. They hate God, want to kick God out of every single corner and then get mad for incidents like this.Men want God when things like this happens, but dump Him when things goes back to when men believes its normal. Don’t blame God for the sins of men:

We all are to blame.
We are defective by sin.
Our righteousness is like filthy rags.
We are abominable in His eyes.
…we have other gods before Him.
…we bow down to carved images.
…we take the Lord’s name in vain, the one who give us breath every morning.
…we don’t remember His Sabbath day and keep it holy.
…we do not honor our parents. Most despise, hate and kill their father and mother with no mercy.
…we hate and are murderers.
…we use our filthy thoughts and use our body to commit adultery.
…we steal, even something that seems insignificant.
…we bear false witness against our neighbor. We tell fibs and white lies, give excuses and exagerate to look good in the eyes of men.
…we love and want what others have. We covet our neighbor’s house, wife, and all his posessions.
We are cruel, vile and think evil every second.
We are shameful.
We are disobedient.
Not good.
Not just.
Not willing to seek for God.
Selfish, self-seeking.
Back stabbers.
Lovers of money and vanity.

This is exactly who we are in the eyes of God, because He sees our heart, not like men, who can only see outwardly, and always claimming and trusting their self-righteousness, and leaves God out of the picture to not give account for their shameful actions.

Bring God back to schools. Teach our children the Bible. Show them that life has a purpose. I’m not talking about religious indoctrinations, but I’m talking about a relationship with the One who loves us unconditionaly and is willing to save us from this deceitful and violent world.

God is not the reason for evil, we are. We ignored God and His precepts and we need to come back to Him. Don’t harden your hearts, repent and trust in Him,
By believing and obeying His Word.
By putting your trust in Jesus Christ.
By genuinely loving God with your heart, mind, soul and strenght.
By loving your neighbor as yourself.
And by living your life for Him, no matter the cost, even to persecution, mockery… to death.

This world will eventually be judged. No one knows the day or the hour, not even the angels in heaven. So, no matter how great you might think you are, or how much hate you have for anyone, this world will burn. But you decide, its your choice, to where you want to spend the rest of your eternity.

Two choices:
1. Hell for those who die in their sins, where the worm never dies and the fire never ceases.
2. Heaven for those who repent and trust in Jesus Christ, who God sent to die for sinners. Eternal life. You will never thirst and will never hunger. No more sin, nor crying, weeping… no more pain.

I’m praying for you to pick God’s will for you, heaven.

Can’t imagine how hard it is for all the affected families at this moment. I just can be prayerfully silent and motivated to pour out my heart to others to ask them to do the same.

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