Salvation is . . .

(James Smith, “The Voice of Mercy in the House of Affliction!” 1855)

Salvation is . . .
the greatest blessing that God can bestow;
deliverance from the greatest misery;
exaltation to the greatest happiness;
the greatest change in man’s state and character which can possibly be effected;
the greatest display of the love, wisdom, grace, and power of God!

Salvation is the very blessing that you need. The blessing which you must receive–or be eternally undone!

Salvation is a blessing for the PRESENT, for it is deliverance . . .
from the guilt of sin–which makes you miserable;
from the power of sin–which makes you unholy; and
from the love of sin–which proves you to be God’s enemy.

Salvation is a blessing for the FUTURE: it secures to you safety and happiness in time–and glory, honor, immortality, and eternal life when time shall be no more!

Salvation is a blessing which comprehends every other blessing.
If the man is saved–then all good things are his.
If the man is lost–then nothing good is his.
To be saved, is . . .
for the soul to be restored to a right relationship to God;
to be put in possession of unsearchable wealth;
to be raised to the highest honor; and
to be entitled to eternal glory!

No word is as sweet as salvation–as no word is as dreadful as its opposite, damnation! Reader, there is no intermediate state between these two extremes.

Grace Gems


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