Question. What is time? by Kent Hovind

When I was in Mobile, Alabama a couple of years ago, a friend of mine that I had known for  years, happened to be at the church where I was preaching. He came to see me after the service, and he said, Brother Hovind, that was an interesting presentation. Let me show you something. I said, Yeah, what have you got? He said, Lets go out and get an ice-cream or something. We went to the Dairy Queen and got an ice-cream cone. We sat down at the table, and he took two 3×5 cards out of his pocket, and he wrote on one, Mr. Flat, and he wrote on the other one, Mrs. Flat. He laid them on the table, and he said, Brother Hovind, you taught geometry. You  understand what a plane is, right? I said, Oh yes, I understand what a plane is. He said, I want you to imagine that we have two people, Mr. Flat and Mrs. Flat, and they live in Flat Land. They have only two dimensions. They have only width and length. They have no height at all. They have no comprehension of the third dimension. Their whole world is flat. Everything that they see is in Flat Land. That is their entire world, a two dimensional world. I said, Okay, I have you so far. He said, Now, when Mr. Flat looks at Mrs. Flat, what does he see? I said, He sees a straight line. He said, That is correct. He can walk around Mrs. Flat and realize that she is indeed a rectangle based upon depth perception. He only sees one dimension, length, but he understands the second dimension based upon experience. She really has two dimensions to her. You and I live in a three dimensional world. We actually see only two dimensions. We can see the width and the height, but we perceive depth based upon experience. We don’t really see three dimensions, we only see two of them. Mr. and Mrs. Flat only see one dimension, and understand the second. I said, Okay Ron, I have got it. We see two dimensions, we understand the third, we live in a three dimensional world. He said, Okay, here is Mr. Flat and Mrs. Flat in Flat Land.

This table top is where they live. Suppose you, as a three-dimensional creature, wanted to reveal yourself to these two dimensional creatures. You would have to project yourself into their world. Suppose you stick your finger through the table, and Mr. Flat comes over. He looks at the cross section of your finger, which is a circle, and he says, Ah ha! I have seen Kent Hovind. He is a circle. A little further over you stick three fingers through the table. Mrs. Flat goes over, and she sees three circles. She says, Oh, no honey, I’ve seen Kent Hovind. He is three circles. They are going to argue for awhile, and they are going to split the church. They are going to start the church of the one circle and the church of the three circles, but neither one of them really have any comprehension of who you are. You cannot put a three dimensional object into two dimensions in a way that it can be fully comprehended. It simply cannot be done. Now, with that thought in mind, maybe God has more than three dimensions.

That would appear to be the case according to an unusual verse in the book of Ephesians 3:18, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height. And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God. Four dimensions, is that what it says? The breadth, and length, and depth, and height, and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge? Could it be that God has entirely new dimensions that we really cannot comprehend in our present state? As Mr. Flat and Mrs. Flat were reclining on the table, Ron said, Kent, watch this. He put his hand on top of both of them. He said, Do you realize that I can be closer to them than they can be to each other? They would be totally unaware of my presence because I am just barely in the next dimension. I’m above them, and under them where they do not see me, but I am closer to them that they can ever be to each other. Did you know that Jesus Christ is closer that a brother? The Bible has a lot of verses about how the Lord upholds us with His right hand, how He standeth  around us, through us, above us. I think there is a whole lot more to God than we understand. Have you ever had a problem in mathematics class and you said, Teacher, I don’t get it, I just don’t get it. The teacher explains it over and over again, and finally you say, Ah! I get it. I think that one day when we as Christians get to heaven, we are going to be there for just a
few seconds, and we are going to look around, and say, Ah! I get it. For right now, we are locked in a three-dimensional world. We are locked into time. You cannot go faster into the future, and you cannot go back to the past. You are stuck in the present. God is not stuck in the resent. God is not stuck in space or time or matter. He permeates everything. Genesis 1:1 has the best illustration of the Trinity . In the beginning… That is time. Time has three parts to it, past, present, and future. Where can one go where he is not in time? He cannot get away from it, can he? In the beginning, time, God created the heavens space. Space has three dimensions, depth, width, and height. There is the trinity again. Where can one be where one is not in space someplace? Nowhere. In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth matter. Matter
has three dimensions, solid, liquid, and gas. There is the Trinity of trinities right there in Genesis 1:1. In ten words God said more than anybody else could say in a book. It is amazing. We serve an amazing Lord.

-Kent Hovind

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