Evolution: From chaos to order – Creation: From order to chaos.

Which one makes more sense?

  • Evolution: From chaos to order.
  • Creation: From order to chaos.

No one in his right mind will ever teach that a disorganized office desk will eventually, after millions of years, will become organized by itself. If that’s untrue, then how can an organized universe represents nothing but pure chance?

Evolution biologists’ favorite excuse to avoid of being caught for their error, or horror is: “Evolution does not study origins.”

Something to think about:
“13.7 billion years have passed,” and 200 years ago biologists began to press hard and impose evolution, and still cannot find origins. You can tell that even with their knowledge in science they can’t figure out what or who the source of existence is, so they must say by faith that we are the product of an unknown event in history.

The point of view of life is divided:
1. Pre-history—evolution (No documentation before 6,000 to 10,000 years—then is hard to believe—No culture in history confirms anything that evolutionists have being learning for 200+ years).
2. History—creation (The Bible—66 written documentations from more than 40 authors has all it takes to know what happened “in the beginning” Gen. 1:1—and not only that, other books from different cultures confirms the accuracy of the Bible.

If is possible for a biologist to study the origins of life, why is so hard to do the same but with existence? The only answer will pop up, a sharp speculation according to their own imagination.



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