A Book of the Beginnings: Genesis


Genesis is the book of beginnings:

1. Of the world—Gen. 1:1-25
2. Of the human race—Gen. 1:26-2:25
3. Of sin in rhe world—Gen. 3:1-7
4. Of the promise of redemption—Gen. 3:8-24
5. Of family life—Gen. 4:1-15
6. Of civilization—Gen. 4:16-9:29
7. Of the nations of the world—Gen. 10-11
8. Of the hebrew people—Gen. 12-50
9. Adam began with God and fell through disobedience—Gen. 3:1-24
10. Abel began with God by the blood of sacrifice—Gen. 4:4
11. Noah began with God by the way of the ark—Gen. 6:8,14,22
12. Abraham began with God when he built altars—Gen. 12:8

These all made new beginnings for humankind.

Genesis is the record of the beginnings of all these things. No wonder that when people, because of spiritual blindness (see Ephesians 4:18), reject God’s revelation in this peerless record of beginnings, they worship chance as the creator, beasts as their ancestors and fallen humanity as the flower of natural evolution.

-Dr. Henrietta C. Mears

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