A World Without Peace

While we live in this world there will never be peace, unless one makes peace with the Author of life.

We pay bills, we watch the news, we wake up every morning to go to work, we install burglar and fire alarms in our homes, we protect our children, we manage our finances carefully, we watch for cars when crossing the streets, and endless of other stressful situations that could take years for me to mention them one by one. All sums up to a fallen and degenerated screaming world in need of true hope. We are constantly under oppression, no matter from which angle you look at it.
Many are trying to see it from a neutral position, but such doesn’t exist. I understand where they are coming from, but coexistence will never prevail under the oppression of the world system, unless we are redeemed in Christ alone by what He did on the cross and our response to His call according to His purpose.

There are two extremes (two opposites) for everything :
Good and evil,
Creation and Darwinian-evolution,
God or and no God,
Life and death,
Lost and found,
New and old,
One direction and the other,
Right and wrong,
Truth and lies
Objectivity and subjectivity,
Beginning and end,
And so on…..

One or the other is right, but being neutral means that we are afraid to accept reality. We know that there is a consequence when people oppose to truth, to reality, to knowledge or the substantial evidence of right from wrong, we lay back and guess what happens, we miss the opportunity to deal with the problem, and then the issue becomes pandemic. That’s what happened with atheism and every other issues in this world, we let the roots grow and now our nations have grew cold and even more aggressive towards God, the Author of life, the Creator of all things.

We must understand that we are like grass, that withers and fades away, and our souls have only one shot to decide where we want to spend eternity, either in a place of torment or a place where there is no more pain, sorrow, no more evil, darkness, bills to pay, and so on.

150,000 people die everyday, and no one is exempt from it. So I encourage all of you to take a moment to ask God to open your heart for His Word and His truth. He is graceful and merciful to save those who respond to His invitation, “for by grace through faith you can be saved, and not of yourself.”

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