Basic questions for Atheists/Skeptics

Basic questions for Atheists/Skeptics:

1. How can you account for logic without God?
2. Where do you get the capacity to understand and to be aware of your surroundings without God?
3. Where do you get the sense of justice without God
4. If the Law of the Land was constituted by men, what constituted the Laws of Nature without God?
5. Normally, when asked, atheists/skeptics will answer that they are good persons. Upon what do you base your goodness without God?
6. What difference does it make to you when I speak about sin, repentance and faith in Christ if we are just a purposeless and mindless reaction of a sudden explosion that came from nothing?
7. Truth is that which corresponds to reality:
a. So, how then can you get truth without God?
b. Can reality be explained without God?
8. When you say that there is no such thing as absolute truth, are you absolutely sure about that?
9. If you are sold out by truth of being subjective, then why does it sound like you are claiming it like if it was objective?
10. Why do you mock Christians for having faith or put our trust in what God have revealed men to write, His Word, which never changes, and its inerrant, but you have absolute confidence (con·fide: Latin for with·faith or full trust) in men inspiring themselves to write articles, books, papers, etc., which changes every season or every time they find themselves in error?
11. If evolution it’s the mechanism of life’s action and adaptation, who or what runs that machine?
12. Where did all of the energy compressed inside of the dot that exploded and transcended throughout the entire universe came from?
13. Where did space, time, matter, elements, laws (order), energy, motion, etc., came from?
14. If you don’t believe in eternity, was the big bang the beginning of existence?