theWord Bible Software

The Word Bible Software (FREE)

The interface of theWord is modern and responsive. Everything is customizable so you won’t feel restrained at any point.

All windows of the program are automatically arranged within the main window in areas called Views.
There are two main views that display content:

  • the Bible View that displays Bible text organized by chapter (also used for comparing texts and creating verse lists)
  • the Book View that displays all other non-Bible resources (dictionaries, maps, devotionals, commentaries, books). This view allows you to create your own personal modules of any type.

Separate views are used for searching the Bible (Bible Search View) and Books (Book Search View) and there is one more for navigating through the Bible (Bible Tree). Any number of views can be displayed and arranged with drag-n-drop. Each view provides extended customization features in order to tailor it to your taste.

Below are several screenshots of the program organized into categories. Clicking on a link on the right will take you directly to the screenshots for this category.

Click here for Screenshots


Unofficial 3rd Party Modules & External Sites:

Several users of theWord have taken the time to create several modules. From this page, you can find links to external sites that distribute hundreds of more modules for theWord.

• Douglas Hamp Ministries
Douglas Hamp and his team from Calvary Chapel offer more than 700 modules.

David Cox works diligently to provide a big library of add-ons. Site offers also tutorials and a lot of Spanish material.

The Word Modules
Download hundreds of high quality theWord modules. We focus on large, reference works for evangelical Christians.

Swart Zentrover
Offers several modules

• Doctor DaveT’s Site
   Offers several modules

   Offers modules in AfrikaansDutchEnglish

Leesbare Brief
Offers modules in mainly in Dutch and English


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