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Free Fliers, FB Timelines Covers, Business Cards and Logos for churches without resources to pay for a Graphic Designer are available through ChafiSH Graphix. Please, send me an email to the address above with questions and requests.

Due to the shortage of staff, deadlines may not be met according to the church’s or ministries’ needs.



  • Must be a church or ministry without resources to pay for a Graphic Designer.
  • We are also limited in resources, therefore, your church or ministry must have a printing company. We do not charge for graphic design, which it means, we have zero budget for prints.
  • Churches and ministries who believe:

The Bible to be the ultimate authority (Psa 119:18; Psa 138:2; 2Tim. 3:14-17).

God gets all the glory (1Co 10:31; 1Pet 4:11; Rev 1:6; 2Pet 3:1; Eph 3:21; Rev 7:12; Rom 11:36).

That we are saved through Christ alone (1Tim 2:5-6; Col 1:13-18).

Salvation to be by grace alone, and not of ourselves (Eph 1:3-8).

That we are justified by faith alone (Gal 3:6-11).

  • Name of organization, email address, website (If any)– These will not be shared: Only for reference.
  • We may add more in the future…

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